It is a fact that Safari is very easy and simple to use, however you may never find its entire features unless you look for them. It is also true that iPads have numerous navigation tricks and Safari has its very own tricks. Safari functions similarly on iPhone and the whole Safari’s versions sync with one another. Here, you will discover and learn the 8 tips and tricks for browsing with Safari using your iPhone 7. Check these out:

#1: Find in Page- One of the awesome features of Safari is Find in Page. If you want to look for words on the existing page, all you need to do is to tap the address bar and type the word that you want to search. Next, you need to tap the “Find” option that can be found under the Find in Page to look for the existing page. If there is a chance that you can’t search for this option, just scroll down since it may be covered by on-screen keyboard.

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#2: Swipe to Go Forward and Back- You can go forward or go back a page by simply swiping from either the side of the screen. For instance, if you want to go back to the preceding page, all you need to do is place your finger at the left corner of your screen and glide it just before the center of your screen.

#3: Enable the Reader Mode- It is true that Safari provides an excellent reader mode that has the ability to simplify articles on your web pages. The reader mode can strip away the entire navigation elements and at the same time show you the important bits of article such as its images and article text. If you want to view the present web page in the Reader Mode, all you need to do is to hit the icon located in the left corner of the address bar of Safari. It appears like straight black lines.

#4: Save the Web Pages for your Offline Reading- The reading list in Safari allows the user to easily save the list of web pages that the user want to read offline. One of the best things about Reading List is that it can also download an offline copy of the web pages, so the user can read them offline. Just tap the Share button and hit Add to Reading List.

#5: Use Bookmarklets just like a Browser Extensions- Safari supports bookmarklets. These are a small bit of JavaScript that can be easily saved as your bookmark. One of the best things about bookmarklets is that it can take the place of countless browser extensions.

#6: Change Settings and Clear the Private Data- If you want to quickly clear all your private data, all you need to do is to change the default search engine in your Setting app. In order for you to immediately access the Safari’s settings, visit the home screen, tap Settings icon and choose Safari category in your sidebar.

#7: Sync Browser Dating using iCloud- iCloud integration of Safari allows the user to easily synchronize favorites, open tabs, saved passwords and browser data using iCloud account.

#8: Activate the Private Browsing Mode- Any browsing you perform using private mode does not leave any history or tracks.

For those people who have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, you can activate the Restriction functions in order to block the access to websites that are not suitable for kids.