Erase Data

Share articles and knowledge about erasing data from mobile device like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC and Motorola etc. Useful Posts to help completed erase all the data from your device and effectively keep your personal data security.

How to Erase an Android Phone Completely and Safely Before Selling

So you have a brand new phone today in your hands and you want to sell the old one. Before thinking about finding someone who will be interested to purchase your old mobile phone, it is important to pay attention to what is on it. A smartphone is typically used to store some important information. It can be used to access your email, your financial details, contact information and photos which are all things that you do not want to…

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Four Things to Know about completely and safely Erasing your iPhone

According to the research company Recon Analytics, the average people phone is replaced every 18 months; and when a person gets himself a new phone, he tends not to erase his phone to prevent your private information exposing to other people as few people realize the importance of the protection of privacy at present. For example, Hollywood actress pornographic incident in 2014 offers us a lesson about privacy protection; thus later in life we should pay more attention to individual…

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