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How to Extract Images, Text, and Embedded Files from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents

In today’s world, safety and security of the content in the electronic files is the first important thing that is taken into account. It has become beneficial as well as essential to copyright your data from the unauthorized persons. If your friend sends you a PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents with plenty of photos and you need to save them on hard drive, you don’t have to worry since you can extract those images from Word with an easy and…

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How to Control Your Apple TV with Your Apple Watch

There is no need for you to use your TV remote control if you can operate your Apple TV using your Apple watch. Here, you will know and learn the step-by-step procedure on how to properly set up the Apple Watch as a remote control for your Apple TV. Check these out: The first thing that you need to do is to add Apple TV to your Apple Watch. You need to open the built-in remote app on your Apple…

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8 Tips and Tricks for Browsing with Safari on iPhone 7

It is a fact that Safari is very easy and simple to use, however you may never find its entire features unless you look for them. It is also true that iPads have numerous navigation tricks and Safari has its very own tricks. Safari functions similarly on iPhone and the whole Safari’s versions sync with one another. Here, you will discover and learn the 8 tips and tricks for browsing with Safari using your iPhone 7. Check these out: #1:…

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How to Charge the iPhone 7 and Listen to Music at the Same Time

iPhone 7 has already ditched its old and traditional headphone jack in 3.5mm. And now, it just goes on wireless and on lightning. This is so far good because of the advancement brought by technology. Through the technological updates, the number of the ports below is reduced from 2 to 1. Now, if you make use of a Lightning port for the headphones, how do you think you can charge at the same time? Whether you intend to listen to…

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