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Articles in rip DVD category show many skills and methods of ripping a DVD, find useful tutorials on how to rip DVD, convert video and backup Blu-ray movie. With the help of these posts, you can easily handle the process of copying audio or video content on DVD to a hard disk or various of video-playing Facilities.

How to Play DVD/Blu-ray on iPhone 7(Plus)

You just bought an iPhone 7(Plus) and would like to watch your DVDs on its bright, colorful display? Let Pavtube ByteCopy help you realize the goal. Pavtube ByteCopy DVD converter specially designed to rip any DVD, be it unencrypted or locked by region codes and strict copy protection schemes, to almost all kinds of playback devices such as IOS/Android/Windows Phone and Pad, Even for virtual reality headsets and game console etc. Below is the simple guide of convert DVDs/Blu-rays to…

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How to speed up Blu-ray Ripping process on Windows

Editors’ Note: Firstly, here let me underscore that the factor that affects the speed of ripping a Bl-ray most is the Blu-ray Ripper itself and other factors like computer performance, the original file properties, the output settings and computer environment etc.can affect the Blu-ray ripping speed but have no significant effect on. I’ve tested, analyzed and summarized some useful tips and information regarding Blu-ray Ripping speeds and the tips or information I collected is just for the people who had…

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DVD to Sony PS VR – How to watch DVD/Blu-ray movies with Sony PlayStation VR

As is know to all, Sony released its own virtual-reality hardware for PS 4 on 16/10/2016, which is called PlayStation VR and may become the most accessible virtual-reality glass in 2016 because it come up with over 50 games at launch while selling only at $399. However, other than that, Sony PlayStation VR can be used as a special glass(just like a 3D glass we wore at the cinema)to watch movies via PS 4 and what is important is that…

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Get DVD movies playable on Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge on Mac

According to a new report, by the end of 31 March, Samsung had shipped 10 million Samsung Galaxy S 7/S 7 Edge, which far exceeded its initial projection 7 million, and owing to the addition of the variety of new technology, Samsung Galaxy S 7/S7 Edge has become one of the important products to help Samsung eclipse Apple in 2016. And after taking a series of tests of these two smartphones like waterproof, battery life, crush resistance and video playback…

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