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There is no need for you to use your TV remote control if you can operate your Apple TV using your Apple watch. Here, you will know and learn the step-by-step procedure on how to properly set up the Apple Watch as a remote control for your Apple TV. Check these out:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to add Apple TV to your Apple Watch. You need to open the built-in remote app on your Apple Watch and remember the code that it provides you.
  • From your menu settings, select the “Remotes and Devices”.
  • From the menu settings, you will need to decide if you want to add “Remote App” below the “Other Devices” group.
  • When you select the “Remote App”, the Apple Watch should appear. When you see Apple Watch, select it.
  • After that, this is the time that you need to type the code that is displayed on the remote app of your Apple Watch.
  • When you have successfully type the code, your Apple Watch app will be matching with the Apple TV. You can find this on your Remote menu. Choose Apple TV and you will now be able to control your Apple TV using your Apple Watch.

You can swipe the screen of your Apple Watch to know more about your Remote app. You will also learn more on how to navigate the interface of your Apple TV using any Apple TV app. Using your Apple Watch is an excellent alternative if you can’t find the remote control of your Apple TV. Aside from this, using your Apple Watch is a neat trick to amaze your close friends.

The new Apple Watch will allow users to access much more than just time keeping. Apart from operating your Apple TV using your Apple Watch, the new Apple watch also offers Health and Fitness setting. While this addition may spell doom for many fitness centers, it is a giant leap in the realm of fitness technologies. The Apple Watch has the ability to record your activity over time and will personalize itself to accommodate your level of activity and exercise.

You can personalize goals for the week, and each day the Apple Watch will encourage and assist you to meet the day’s goal. It keeps track of your progress and credits you throughout the week for participation. Apple has essentially a personal trainer for your wrist. In addition to this, Apple Watch has workout mode that will provide accurate monitoring and encouragement before, during and after each workout.

Apple Watch provides a complete workout summary upon the conclusion of your exercise gives helpful and accurate progress updates throughout the workout and suggests goals and monitors user set goals throughout the day and week. Many of our jobs mandate that we stand and sit in the same spot for hours on each day, week after week and month after month. Apple is providing many people with an excellent wrist buddy to help them attain their goals in no time.