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HOWTOs, Tips & Tricks for File Locking

Straightforward tutorials that how to use Folder Lock 7 to lock and encrypt different kinds of files on computer; File encryption knowledges, tip & tricks, advices, etc.

How to Lock Photos With a Password

by Edwin Liu on Septermber 21, 2014
There are over a thousand photos (.png/.jpeg/.raw) I took with my iPhone 5 and Canon DSLR stored on my PC’s hard disk... Read Post >>

Password Protecting Your Private Videos

by Edwin Liu on Septermber 13, 2014
Let’s say you have some sensitive video downloads or video shots on your computer hard drive, to prevent persons of your acquaintance from... Read Post >>

Protect Excel Files With Password

by Edwin Liu on August 18, 2014
During daily office work, Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet program to record and store important business data... Read Post >>

How to Encrypt Word Documents (.DOC/.DOCX)

by Edwin Liu on August 8, 2014
To prevent documents in Microsoft Word from being viewed or modified by others, we usually put an protective lock on them... Read Post >>

5 Decent Free Security APPs for iPhone

by Edwin Liu on September 7, 2013
As smartphones are getting more and more indispensable and important in people’s daily life, as well as its role being more than a communication tool... Read Post >>

How to Lock AutoCAD Drawing Files (.dwg) on Windows Computer

by Edwin Liu on September 2, 2013
In many industries, it is necessary to draw out the blueprints before production... Read Post >>