Here is a very useful tool for you to successfully capture any online streaming audio to MP3/M4A files with lossless quality. Also the ID3 tags will be automatically detected and downloaded without any extra effort.

If you are a music fan, you must know there are some great online streaming music sites out there like Spotify,, Pandora, GrooveShark, Napster, YouTube, etc. Would you like to legally download songs from those online streaming services? As we know most of them do not provide download option on their sites, so here you need this Leawo Music Recorder to easily do the job for you. This software can capture music from almost all online playing audio to your local hard drive and convert the recorded songs to MP3 or WAV with high quality. Besides, it also can find and add song information like singer, song name, genre, album cover and name… to the music. So why not download the free trail version to find out how good it is by yourself? (Note: To rip songs in full version, you should make sure the Internet is well connected and the network speed is regular.)

Below are great features of Leawo Music Recorder:

  • Download music from any online streaming sites to local hard drive. It has been tested that this software can successfully record 500+ online music sites and radio stations including the popular Spotify, Pandora, GrooveShark,, BBC Radio, Napster, MySpace, YouTube, Rhapsody iTunes Radio, AOL Music, Radio Blog Club, GUBA, Sirius Radio, XM Radio Online, etc.
  • Automatically add song information to the recorded music. With this software, you can definitely save the trouble to manually download the ID3 tags to the ripped songs, because this streaming audio record is smartly enough to detect and download those song information like singer, album cover and name, genre, etc. from the giant Internet resources by its own.
  • Convert online audio to MP3/WAV with lossless quality. This program will automatically save online streaming songs to MP3 or WAV. It also can keep the high audio quality. The bit rate can be set to 64 kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, and 256kbps. The bit rate is higher, the audio quality will be better. Usually, 192kbit/s is a commonly used high-quality bit rate and 224-320kbit/s can be regarded as the highest level supported by MP3 standard.
  • Transfer the downloaded online music to iTunes library with one click. If you want to add more songs to your iTunes library, this tool lets you directly transfer the captured streaming audio to iTunes after click the transfer to iTunes button. If iTunes is closed, the software will open it for you. Then you can find them in iTunes SAR playlist.
  • Easy-to-use operation. The interface of the program is very intuitive. Hit on Record button, play the song you want to rip and the software will start recording immediately. Press the button aging, recording stops. If no operation is done, it will continue recording next playing song after a small pause. You also can directly share the recordings to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Create new playlist. By clicking on the Plus icon at the bottom bar, a new playlist tab is created. Then you can simply drag and drop the music you’d like to add to it.
  • Filter out annoying ads. Some free streaming audio services usually add ads to the free songs they provided. This great tool can intelligently remove those ads for you. You just need to change the automatic split setting to a proper duration and discard any tracks that are too short. Then you can enjoy the songs with no interruptions.
  • Set starting and recording time for recording. If you want to rip a number of songs during a busy time, go ahead and work on what you are doing. All you need to do is to set the recording schedule with this software and leave it to download music by itself. When done, it can close the software by itself.




What Users Say ...

" I have to say that this tool is really great. It helped me successfully rip songs from Spotify and automatically converted the songs to MP3 format. Also the quality of the recorded songs is great, too. "  --- Samantha

"Thanks to Leawo Music Recorder, I finally download my favorite songs for offline playing. The song information also is smartly added to the music. Very convenient! "        --- Christopher

"This audio recorder not only can do a music recording great job, but also provide convenience for its users. With its user-friendly design, I can directly transfer the saved MP3 files to iTunes or share my favorite music to Facebook or Twitter with one click."         --- Betty

"At first, I truly doubted what it can do. But after I downloaded and tried the free trail version, my doubts all went away. It does what it says and can record the online music with high quality."         --- Ridges

Download the free edition of Leawo Music Recorder, or buy securely online for only $19


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